about Hiro Asari

Ballet Performance Enhancement Specialist

演出 / 振付家



FUNBO Workout マスタートレーナー

CLASS-A BALLET Dreams 主宰(Class-A Ballet Youthful Stages)ディレクター

also active as an actor




「より円滑でスムーズに機能する肉体の構築」を目的にFunctional Body Workout Method「Funbo」(ファンボ)を独自にプログラム。これまで延べ8万人以上のバレエダンサーを指導しバレエ界のカリスマ的存在となっている。

映画『将軍家光の乱心 激突』では、緒形拳、織田裕二らと共に主役の一人に抜擢。演技と融合した華のあるアクションシーンを演じる。海外からのオファーも多く、トム・クルーズ主演の大ヒット映画「ラスト・サムライ」では、渡辺謙の弟であり小雪の夫、ひろ太郎役に抜擢されるなど俳優としても活躍する。本編中では、トム・クルーズとの一騎討ちを演じ高い評価を得る。

現在はトレーナーとしての活動の他、より洗練されたクラシックバレエダンサー育成を目指しCLASS-A BALLET Dreamを主宰。FUNBOならびにB-PEC(ビーペック)といったバレエに特化した特殊訓練クラスを導入。所属する生徒たちのレベルの高さはもちろんのこと提供するバレエ作品もまた多くのファンを魅了する新しいバレエエンターテイメントとして人気を博している。

Hiro Asari

In 1999, he established the Dancers’ Thera-pit, a medical conditioning laboratory, to provide diversified professional therapeutic responses including emergency care, rehabilitation, and conditioning training for professional ballet dancers. Based on long-term research and his considerable experience in tough professional situations, he developed his own Ballet Performance Enhancement Program, which builds up the body to function more efficiently and smoothly.

He has treated a total of more than thirty thousand professional ballet dancers thus far, and his performance and achievements are highly regarded by the cognoscenti inside and outside of Japan. He has thus become a charismatic figure in the ballet world.

In 2005, he developed the Funbo (Functional Body Workout) Method, an authentic workout program whose concept is “building up an attractive and functional body”.

In January 2008, he opened the Class-A Ballet Studio in Chiba, offering high quality ballet lessons and the Funbo Method classes.

In fall 2008, in addition, he opened the Funbo Personal Style Omotesando in Minami-Aoyama, a studio to provide a more genuine core Funbo practice personalized to each individual.

In 2010, he formed a youth ballet unit, Class-A Ballet Youthful Stages (CABYS), the members of which are mainly students from elementary to senior high school age. He has been giving regularly scheduled performances with them to develop promising future ballet dancers who have extraordinary technique, power and humanity. They have been enchanting many fans with their performances.

In his other persona, as an actor, he appeared as one of the main cast members in many international and domestic films and stage works. Receiving many offers from abroad, in the blockbuster movie, The Last Samurai, starring Tom Cruise, he played Hirotaro, the younger brother of Katsumoto played by co-star Ken Watanabe and the husband of the heroine played by Koyuki. He showed his wonderful and enthusiastic performance in the man-to-man fight scene in the movie with Algren played by Tom Cruise and gained a good reputation from all over the world. He has also utilized such extraordinary personal experiences from that highly professional world in his unique training method.

His activities, however, are not limited to the ballet world. He has also drawn much attention from creators in multiple fields and is now involved in body makeovers for many artists, models and other celebrities.

In recent years, he has greatly contributed to theatrical art works, mainly classical ballet performances, as a scriptwriter, producer, director and choreographer. Now, he is more enthusiastic than ever in pursuing new activities.